Vredo Super Compact Series


Double disc system seeders for precise seed delivery

The world's best double disc over seeders, with their unique seed placement directly in contact with the soil & germination rate the results of the Vredo's unmatched double disc spacing(35mm). Providing the ability to place the seed below the turf's surface for optimum germination on sports pitches, horse racing tracks and Golf Courses for golf greens, tee's or fairways leaving a uniformed aesthetically pleasing finish.  The one-pass operation will not disrupt the play even on fine turf. 3 models of the Super Compact Series are available in 3-point linkage, with two of those models available in trailed model with it�s own hydraulic lift frame(shown above).


Model 208 212 216
Working width 0.80m 1.20m 1.60m
Length / Height 1.02m 1.42m 1.82m
Hopper capacity 90 litre 260 litre 360 litre
Weight (empty) mounted 510kg 660kg 810kg
Weight (empty) towed 830kg 980kg 1,130kg
Disc spacing 35mm 35mm 35mm
Tractor power (Towed) 25hp 30hp 35hp
Tractor power (Mounted) 35hp 45hp 55hp
Operating speed up to 15km / hour
Options Towing frame / weight carrier / weights

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