Vredo Compact Series

Vredo Compact Seeder (55)_1

Accurate and efficient mounted seeders for compact tractors.

The Vredo Compact Series seeder is an accurate and efficient range of disc seeders designed for overseeding golf greens & tees, sports pitches and other amenity grass. Seed is placed in a V-shaped slit, at a pre-set depth of between 5mm & 25mm deep, directly in contact with the soil for maximum germination rate. The slits are then closed by a compaction roller and a level surface re-established. There are four different widths available, to suit tractor overlap, all 3-point mounted behind compact tractors.


Model 210 214 218 222
Working width 1.00m 1.40m 1.80m 2.20m
Overall width 1.12m 1.40m 1.80m 2.32m
Hopper capacity 100 litre 140 litre 180 litre 220 litre
Weight (hopper empty) 565kg 765kg 965kg 1165kg
Disc spacing 75mm 75mm 75mm 75mm
Tractor requirement 25hp 35hp 45hp 65hp
Operating speed up to 15km / hour
Options Towing frame / weight carrier / weights

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