Vredo 222 Sport Series


Sports field overseeders with double row discs & sowing tubes

The Vredo Sport Series has been developed for the fast overseeding of sports fields, arenas, golf fairways & large play areas. The seeder is equipped with a double disc system giving seed spacing in 3.5mm rows for fast and dense recovery. Seed is placed directly into soil contact, protecting it from the elements and ensuring germination every time. The rear compaction roller closes the slits and helps to restore a level surface. The close seed spacing will generally mean that overseeding is carried out in one pass. The Sports series is available 3-pt mounted version, or towed in a hydraulic lift frame.


3-PT mounted Towed
Working width 2.20m 2.20m
Overall width 2.40m 2.40m
Length / Height 1.90m / 1.23m 4.08m / 1.23m
Hopper capacity 2 x 220 Litre 2 x 220 Litre
Weight (unladen) 2,000kg 2,580kg
Tyres N/A 500/50 R17 Turf tyres
Tractor power 90 - 115hp 70 - 95hp
Tractor requirements Cat 1 / Cat 2 linkage Double acting spool valve
Operating speed up to 15km / hour
Options Towing frame / weight carrier / weights

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