Top Drain

The Koro by Imants – Top Drain” is unmatched when creating sand filled drains in turf surfaces. Sand filled trenches, referred to as sand slits or interceptor drains allow surface water on your turf surface to be promptly remove into the profile and carried off site via the previously installed sub base, piped drainage system. This machine can cut the trench, backfill the trench (sand) and then compact the sand filled trench all in one pass, it also completes this process 3 trenches at once.

The dimensions of the trenches are:

  • 200mm deep (deep enough to meet the carrier drainage, in most cases).
  • 40mm wide (thin enough to ensure the surface does not become “droughty”).
  • 500mm spaced (allowing 40% of the soil profile to be drained).

Typically, the sports turf industry has come to expect these sand filled trenches at 3, 5 or 7 metre spacing's making the Top Drain significantly more effective than its competitors.

The Top Drain can achieve this drainage works and accomplish 1 x 1Ha sports field in 1 working day. Resulting in 20,000 lineal metres of surface drainage per Hectare.