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“I found Sustainable Turf extremely professional and easy to work with, nothing was a problem. They always found solutions to any difficulties I encountered. The team at Sustainable Turf are committed to delivering a quality product. I have no hesitation in recommending them for your project.”

Brad Cam
Group Manager Mid-Western Operations
Mid-Western Regional Council


Layering of the soil profile at the SFS had occurred following resurfacing that was required to fit within criteria of FIFA to hold Olympic Soccer competition. This result in layering of the soil profile, which limited root penetration and surface stability for the coming NRL competition. It was decided to use the Koro Recycling Top-dresser to improve the root penetration, water infiltration and intermix the two sand layers that had developed."

Close inspection of the profile 1, 2, & 3 weeks after the Koro Recycling Dresser had been over the field the following observations:-

Root penetration length and penetration had increased significantly due to the avenues made through the slicing action of the machine.

Water infiltration has also improved, following irrigation and rain events surface ponding had been reduced significantly.

The recycling effect of the existing profile soil obviously improved surface levels.

Root mass branching had improved in approximately 3 weeks.

David Westall
Principal Turf Consultant, Ecogrow Australia Pty Ltd.


“Drainage had always been a problem for us in the past, since "Recycling Dressing" last spring the rainfall had during the off season would typically have caused puddling and unplayable conditions. These issues were not a problem once I had Sustainable Turf Renovations complete my renovation works.”

Mick Barsby


“Since renovating my field with the "Koro Recycling Dresser" the wet weather playability has improved 100%. The machine has improved the drainage by breaking through profile laying creating passageways to link up with the drains. We are now "in-play" when we would have previously had to call games and/or training off.”

Paul Koziolek


“In 2003 as Curator at Energy Australia Stadium (Newcastle), I could foresee that the ground was nearing the time for a reconstruction, proactively I began researching turf species for a reconstruction. I decided to trial a number of potential turf species that would be suitable for the stadium. The turf species used in the trial were Cynodon dactylon 'Conquest', Cynodon dactylon 'Legends' and the Paspalum vaginatum 'Sea Isle'.

Although the 'Sea Isle' had the best colour, it was 'Conquest' that was far superior to the other trial species. The aggressive nature of the 'Conquest' saw it literally grow over its competitors, with at least twice the growth rate. After extensive wear its recovery rate was the fastest and with its excellent rhizome, stolon and root structure I confidently decided that 'Conquest' was the most suited for my needs.

In December 2004 with the help of Geoff Hatton, from Manoeuvre Mow I chaffed the stadium surface with 'Conquest'. Six weeks after planting, a stolon was 500mm in length, extraordinary considering that there was no foliage growth in the first two weeks. The surface was playable after 8 weeks.

In late June 2005 the 'Conquest' is still quite active for couch (considering the time of year) with shoots and white roots still appearing out of the nodes. This will allow for easy removal of the rye grass and re-establishing the 'Conquest' to a mono strain in spring, earlier than usual.

Due to the favourable characteristics of 'Conquest' that is, its aggressive nature and the reduced dormancy period. I have no hesitation in recommending this brilliant couch to other greenkeepers.”


”Best Germination rate ever. The field is looking as good as I have ever seen it. Will be using Sustainable Turf Renovations seeding services again next year. Extremely Happy with the results.”

Paul Gill
Grounds Supervisor