School Grounds


“Just a few words to say how pleased we are with the de-thatching job on the schools main oval.

We have more than accomplished what we set out to achieve. Not only has the thatch been totally removed in a one-pass operation leaving a clean smooth level, finish we have benefited in other areas.

Our field now is a stable, tight sward of "Windsor Green" couch grass after a very speedy recovery. Eradication of some minor weed problems "Paspalum" has been an added bonus. Over-burden has re-established grass to eroded swales and batters, the remaining stockpiles have been ear marked as an ideal recycled source of humus for the schools€™s gardens.

The speed and efficiency of the "Koro Fieldtopmaker" was a treat to see. No more long winded multiple scarifying, brushing, vacuuming and messy clean-up operations that really only achieve a thatch reduction not complete thatch removal as the Koro achieves.

Thank you for a job well done.”

Scott Worland


”Best results in years. Highly Improved strike rate. We will undoubtedly be using this machine in all future seeding works.”

Ray Hunt
Grounds Manager