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”Thought it is about time, 10 days since the job, that I congratulate you on the excellent job carried out by your Fieldtopmaker on my "Wintergreen" couch practice tee.

I have been in the turf industry now for about 28 years and not since my days as a bowling greenkeeper, remember the Godwin & Winston Suttle shavers, have I seen a machine that can remove mat and thatch so efficiently like the Fieldtopmaker. By being able to load straight into a trailer via the conveyor belt, by the way 20 trailers loads came off my 1300m tee, the job was complete in about 2.5 hours. The surface left by the machine was clean and level given the uneven surface of the tee to start with I am more than happy seeing only approximately 10- 20mm was removed.

I have just finished giving the tee its first cut and could not be happier with the new growth.

The Recycling Top-dresser that you demonstrated for me is the way for clubs to cut down on the amount of topdressing sand bought each year to renovate tees & greens. Not only did it deep slice the turf but the amount of sand brought to the surface and evenly spread did not require me to add any further sand to the area. Another winner that has enormous potential at my club.

I look forward to doing this tee next year and if you are successful in bringing the smaller Fieldtopmaker into Australia I would seriously consider doing all my tees and maybe some of my less undulating fairways.

Continued success with your Koro machines.”

David Scaife
Golf Course Superintendent