FIELDTOPMAKER® Thatch & Weed Removal & Turf Replacement.

The FIELDTOPMAKER® is the ideal maintenance machine. This exclusive revolutionary machine removes thatch, shaves out for turf replacement and removes weeds "Mechanical not Chemical" Thatch Removal: Thatch can be removed by degrees of depth wherein 100% can be achieved. Normal scarifying reduces thatch by only 10-15% per pass. Weed Removal: Weeds such as the dreaded Parramatta Grass or any tussock types can be shaved out below the crowns wherein the Couch and Kikuyu can regenerate from the rhizomes. An application of a pre-emergence herbicide such as "Ronstar" is recommended. Turf Replacement: Large areas can be efficiently shaved out to the exact depth of replacement turf a fast economical professional finish.

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