Raycam Speedresser 18


Bulk, high-volume drop-spreader

The Raycam Speedresser 18 is a bulk drop-spreader designed to handle all topdressing materials. The 4 flotation tyres minimise the risk of turf damage & compaction. Ideal for golf courses & sports fields use, both with private clubs, local authorities and contractors. The Speedresser 18 requires a tractor of at least 30hp, and is driven hydraulically from the tractor via an agitator and twin rollers. The high work rate enables the spreading of dressings up to depths of 2mm - 75mm in one pass.


Spreading width    1.80m
Overall width        2.10m
Body Length         3.00m
Hopper Capacity   2.25m3
Loading height      1.4m
Weight (unladen)   960kg
Gross weight         4,000kg
Tractor requirement
30hp +. Spool valve. Hitch/drawbar
4 x Ultra Trac 26.5 x 14 x 12

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