Patent: W0Z014/064407  W02014/18452 



Patents: W0Z014/064407  W02014/18452 



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KORO® FTM Universe®

The KORO® FTM Universe® will remove 15%, 25%, 30%, 50%, or 100% of turf surface using either 3mm (15% or 30%), 5mm (25% or 50%), or 10mm (50% or 100%) tines being the 6 different blade configurations (two configurations per tine size) to suit your golf or sports turf management requirements by removing old thatch & matt. The new model of the KORO® FTM Universe®, with the wide conveyor and the mid-roller, meet the demanding requirements of the golf course industry. In sizes 1.2m, 1.6m for Golf Course and the  2m & 2.5m models for the flat Sports turf and broad acre applications.

For both warm season and cool season turf varieties, including Desso grass master and other semi-synthetic turf reinforcement systems.

 Patents: W0Z014/064407  W02014/184512