Fantastic ground preparation tool
  • cultivates to a depth of 200mm,
  • pulverises the soil into a fine tilth
  • buries rocks, grass and debris
  • levels and rakes in one pass,
  • finish rolls leaving a firm surface, and
  • Additional hopper sows grass seed.

To “Blecavate” an area is by far the most cost effective and efficient way of rejuvenating an existing soil resulting in a more suitable growing medium for new turf installation.

The Blecavator is a tractor driven implement that works to a depth of 180 – 200mm. The machine thoroughly harvests all the soil it works in. A soil screen allows all debris in the soil to be buried towards the bottom and the clean, suitable soil to be let at the surface for easy levelling and turf preparation works.

The Blecavator can be successfully used in existing turf covered fields, with the same clean, friable soil result after only one pass.

The harvest and mixing of the soil allows the process to be perfectly suited for the incorporation of soil amendments (gypsum lime, organic material etc.).

We can complete up to 3 hectares (30,000m2) per day using this machine which makes the cost effectiveness of this work second to none.